The system provides illumination over the arena floor at 0–200 lux levels.

  • 35 dimmable 1000 watt tungsten halogen floodlights, suitable for low dimming and with instant re-strike
  • For general lighting, performances, and during the run up period for HID light sources.
  • At 750 lux level – 25 HID 1500 watt MBIL linear metal halide floodlights.

The HID 1500 watt MBIL linear metal halide lamps provide good colour rendering for TV coverage.


  • Correlated colour temperature 4000K
  • Correlated colour rendering index 85Ra
  • Initial light output 120 000 lumens
  • Light output throughout life 110 000 lumens
  • Chromaticity co-ordinates x. 0.374 Y. 0.373

Dimmable 1000 watt and 500 watt tungsten halogen floods over elevated seating areas. Aisle lighting is with linear low voltage long life step lights specifically designed for such applications.

The arena entrances are illuminated with directional luminaries suitable for operating throughout performances.


  • The loading dock area is illuminated with highbay mercury vapour luminaries.
  • Local fluorescent lighting is installed for controlling and switching positions.
  • Support areas are generally illuminated with fluorescent luminaries or, where there are high ceilings, with
  • HID light services.
  • Local feature lighting is installed in all public foyers, seminar rooms and bar areas.


  • Power outlets to the general arena area and to the overhead roof truss system are provided for any additional support lighting systems to be provided by the hirer.

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