We have received lots of feedback from the 7142 people who attended the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert on Sunday evening. This was the largest rock concert ever held at the DEC and we had some wonderful messages of thanks and plenty of social media mentions about the world class performance from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the night. Like all large events there are always things that people perceive don’t work well; let’s address some of these.

There have been some claims that the DEC ran out of water. The DEC staff supplied more than 1800 bottles of water at the event, 200 of those at no cost. We are looking at how we will do this better next time, by offering more free water refill stations and a dedicated water bar.

Some patrons had concerns about the waiting time to buy drinks. Staff worked at a cracking pace, doing 13 transactions every minute throughout the venue, serving 4003 thirsty patrons. For events of this scale it is an unfortunate reality that patrons often need to queue for refreshments; we work hard to make the wait time as short as possible.

Several comments were made about the heat in the arena. The arena was heated up by 180 stage lights; combined with 3780 people dancing on the arena floor, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers had a red hot audience too! The outside temperature was around 26 degrees between 6pm and midnight, so even if the event had been outdoors patrons would have been hot.

Feedback about the VIP General Admission arrangements has been taken on board and the DEC and tour promoter Live Nation are working together to resolve some of the issues. VIP General Admission ticketholders can expect to hear directly from Live Nation and the DEC in the coming weeks.

We appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to building on it to make your next visit to the DEC a better experience.

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